Restaurant – Guesthouse Harmonia Ostratice


Our spacious non-smoking restaurant right in the guesthouse with a capacity of over 125 seats offers you not only a pleasant sitting with delicious and quality meals, but also an opportunity to take a look at drink list discover the amazing mixed drinks and wine from Radošina wine cellar and other wines from all over he world. In addition to a modern interior consisting of several different parts, you can as well enjoy a unique atmosphere of a landscape view from the restaurant terrace. The interior consists of entrance bar part, long winter garden, lounge and indoor and outdoor terrace. We can offer a private party in all parts of the restaurant, so you can feel comfortably and enjoy the atmosphere among your loved ones. We would be happy to see you here on the occasion of celebrations, weddings, funeral feasts and all sorts of meetings, both working and private. We are looking forward to your visit!